‘Lockdown’ inspired recipes; seasonal, simple, super easy.

Started during Lockdown, still enjoyed after. Packed full of handy tips and simple ideas to make life in the kitchen easier. We have placed an emphasis on practicality and affordability with all our recipes. 


Healthy Easy Recipes Without Sacrificing Taste

While we face unprecedented challenges on a global scale, what to eat shouldn’t be one.  

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We have to eat often! Never did we think we’d face the day when ‘grabbing a bite’ was limited to ‘from the pantry’. We’ve found that ‘working from home’ means becoming a full-time chef. We’ve done the menu planning, all you need to do is the cooking. Bon appetit!       

All Things Baking

 The best way to get freshly baked goodies is to get the mixing bowl out at home! Find the recipes here to satisfy the sweet tooth & curb the “Where are the snacks!?” demands from little (& big) people, all with the simplest ingredients  & easy methods. 

Shopping Lists

The recipes are easy, lets make your groceries easy too. Uncomplicated, found anywhere ingredients guaranteed. I don’t have time to go to specialty stores for unheard of condiments, I don’t expect you to either!   

Featured Recipes

Chewy Oat Cookies

These are some forgiving chewy oat cookies. What ingredients you have to hand are a bit of a...

One Pot Mushroom & Cannellini Bean Pasta

When I say "one pot", I really mean only, one pot, and probably a chopping board & a knife......

One Pot Pasta: Tomato & Spinach

Oh this one is good, we love it, kids love it! I love it because it's just chuck in a pot and then...

Pizza Turnover

This recipe is perfect for the end of the week, perfect to use up odds and ends or make something...

Butter “Chicken”

Who's missing their favourite takeaways during this time!? 🙋🙋 Ours was always Indian so I've...

Peanut Butter Curry

Can't decide if you want satay or curry? Peanut butter curry to the rescue! This is a mild curry,...

Lentil Burger Patties

These lentil burger patties are quick to make and make a lot! Make one batch, eat some tonight and...

Latest Recipes

One Pot Pasta: Tomato & Spinach

One Pot Pasta: Tomato & Spinach

Oh this one is good, we love it, kids love it! I love it because it's just chuck in a pot and then a few minutes later, serve! My husband loves it because, less dishes! (And I am the dishes Queen!) And kids love it because you know, pasta.

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