The kitchen will see a lot more action during lockdown. Maybe more than it has ever seen before! If you haven’t had the need or desire to show your kitchen a lot of love before being literally locked inside it, you may not have fancy appliances coming out your ears.

I’m here to tell you not to worry, you can still create magic in the kitchen.

Now might not be the time to indulge in a kitchen appliance shopping spree, either in person or online, instead check out my list below for a range of kitchen equipment that will do a great job in place of others, with maybe just a little more elbow grease.


Lockdown Kitchen Equipment

  • Author: Rebecca Jenkins


One thing us humans are good for is adapting in a crisis. I am optimistic that many marvelous things will come from this time in our lives, getting a little creative in the kitchen being no exception, let’s go…



  • Food processor. What a wizz in the kitchen (get it!?). You may have never had a need for one before so how can you mimic the ferociously spinning blades to obliterate your food?
    • Have you got a blender? Even a mini ‘bullet’ style blitzer will make a happy replacement in most circumstances. (I have included method variations depending on if you are using a food processor or a blender in the lockdown recipes that require some serious chopping).
    • Have you got a plastic bag and a rolling pin (or full wine bottle)? For pulverizing nuts, lentils, chickpeas etc… this is a super method for not only smashing food but also smashing out some frustration at being in lockdown!
  • Stand mixer. I ran a cakes business without one, so they are by no means a necessity when it comes to whipping up baked delights!
    • Have you got a hand mixer? Turn that baby on and mix away. One of these is a perfect substitute for anything baking except kneading dough, but for that you’ve got your 10 little fingers to get stuck in.
    • Have you got a whisk, or even just a fork? Rev up that elbow and get a work out in!
  • Stick blender. So. Handy. But if you haven’t got one;
    • Have you got a potato masher or a fork? – Cook whatever needs smushing until you can easily insert and remove a fork, and then mash by hand with a potato masher or even a fork. If going with the fork method, smaller batches are necessary to be able to mush it easily, one potato at a time for example.
    • Have you got a plastic bag and rolling pin (or a full bottle of wine)? As above, this method is a two birds with one stone kinda deal, smooth your food and your temper in one hit.

Baking Equipment:

Baking is your one way ticket to happy-household-land. Which is about all the travel you can hope for at the moment. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime no matter your baking equipment access. There are mostly oven related baking recipes here but never fear, there are also microwave delights and even ‘baking’ you can do on your stove!

  • Flat baking tray. 
    • Have you got an oven safe baking dish? A casserole dish or even a frying pan will work in the oven to support cookies as they bake, as long as it’s plastic free!
  • Muffin tray.
    • Make cake instead of muffins in any oven safe dish. The only thing that will need adjusting is your baking time, add 5-10mins on top of the suggested baking time and check it’s cooked through by inserting a skewer, sharp knife or fork into the center, if it pulls out clean, it’s cooked!
    • Have you got baking paper and tin foil? Hold a crafts class first and diy some muffin cups! Here is a good how to.
  • Cake pan. 
    • Have you got a frying pan, shallow pot or casserole dish? As long there is no plastic involved, these are safe for the oven. Just check your baking times.
  • Loaf pan.
    • This is just a mold for batter, a nice-to-have, but not a requirement for making loaves, brownies or anything rectangular, use whatever oven safe dish you have 🙂

Lockdown Baking equipment