Unlike traditional Mac & Cheese, there is no cheese in this recipe, and unlike ‘traditional’ vegan takes of the classic, this one does not call for nutritional yeast. It’s not going to taste like aged cheddar but, it most definitely scratches the itch that sticky, comforting, homey traditional Mac & Cheese does, it’s just magic like that.

I am very proud of this recipe because it somehow does taste like cheese! Because everything else is so spot on, my memory and taste buds were having very conflicting opinions! Memory won out in the end and it was the perfect Mac n Cheese, just like I used to request my mother to make. – I even put tomato in it by choice, and recommend you do too! (Something that made me aghast in my youth).

My 4 year old son declared this the “best meal ever”, which is what Mac & Cheese is supposed to be when you are 4, so I’m taking that as a solid 5 star review.

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